A membership for artists and illustrators of all levels to grow your drawing skills and mindset so you can create with confidence.

Ever had these issues while practicing your creativity?

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You are not alone

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As creatives, we may find ourselves in these negative feelings and emotions along our creative journey.

It's OK and normal to feel this way quite often along your creative journey but, it's also something we need to have a plan for to keep our minds healthy.

The Thriving Illustrator offers a safe space for both learning and healing.


It's through our minds that we find the courage to create our best work.

If you are looking to improve your creative skills and learn how to draw animals, plants, and fantasy creatures,

If you are looking for a place to remove any limiting beliefs and free yourself from creative block and comparisonitis,

If you are looking for a space to go beyond what you ever thought was possible in your art journey and build a creative family,

Then this is the place for you.

What is The Thriving Illustrator?

It is a membership for creatives like you to hone your creative drawing skills and develop a better mindset towards the creative process and journey in order to better your professional practice and start making more money with your wonderful gift.

Included in the membership is:

  • Workshops covering varying subjects from trees to wolves and more.

  • Challenges to spark that creativity and imagination.

  • Mindset mantras and guides by an artist, for an artist.

  • Colour inspiration.

  • A library of references from Charmaine that is increasingly growing.

  • Lineart to practice colouring.

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Your Creative Growth Plan

Content Delivered Monthly

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