A membership for artists and illustrators of all levels to grow our creative skills and mindset so we can create with passion and confidence.

Does this sound like you?

Some Common Mindset Blocks

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  • There are so many great Illustrators already and we are too quick to compare our work to theirs(comparisonitis. Oh, it's real.).

  • There is so much information overload.

  • Emotions power creativity they can also smother it.

  • There are so many mediums how do you choose yours?

  • There are no set instructions on how to actually become an Illustrator.

  • There's no roadmap to grow and measure your growth.

  • It gets lonely learning and growing by yourself.

  • You need a community to guide you out of limiting beliefs and give you the confidence to create.

If you are looking to improve your creative skills,

If you are looking for a place to remove any limiting beliefs and free yourself from creative block and comparisonitis,

If you are looking for a space to go beyond what you ever thought was possible in your art journey and build a creative family,

Then this is the place for you.

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What is The Thriving Illustrator?

The Thriving Illustrator is a re-imagined membership for your creative success and an ongoing educational resource for aspiring and established illustrators.

In this monthly membership, you will receive

  • Masterclasses covering varying subjects.

  • Challenges to spark that all-important ingredient for every creative, imagination.

  • Mindset mantras and affirmations to remove limiting beliefs and create an abundant and healthy mindset.

  • A creative family of like-minded creatives to support you and celebrate with you.

Your Creative Growth Plan

Content Delivered Monthly

Inside the Membership

My idea, vision and inspiration behind this beautiful space built for creatives like you.


As an illustrator, I know how important it is to keep practicing those essential foundational skills.


In these classes, I want to give you the inspiration to go out and create something you will be proud of.


We all need a place to happily create and practice with but it can be hard to find usable photo references due to copyright etc.

In the membership, you will have access to a large library of photos, colour palettes, and sketches for your personal growth as a creative.


Creatives are notorious for forgetting about their own inner health - the mind. We seldom realize that we are stressed and pushing too hard until it is too late and this is a creative killer.

Whether at the beginning or a seasoned professional, Mindset Matters too.

Check In

Emotions are powerful things that can either make or break the creative process.

These monthly check-ins are a way for us all to make sure that what we are doing is helping us to create rather than hindering the scared creative process we enjoy.

Get Ready to: