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Updated: Jan 18

Let's start the year off right, there's still time! The new year, new you movement is inspiring but unfortunately, it's like a sheep being lead into a vast open field with no fences to keep it on track. How about new year, new mindset instead! You've probably heard it before that mindset is the key to everything.

Welcome to the first official public post on the Thriving Illustrator blog. We usually only use this space for our valued members but thought it was about time we gave you, our wonderful visitors, the low down of the lockdown for us and our members.

Whilst in lockdown we have continued to give our lovely members some inspiration to keep them going and in some cases, we threw in some extra things to help our sanity! It's just needed at the moment.

As creatives, we know how hard it is to keep ourselves healthy while we work and with the lockdown in place across the world, the socializing - however little it was - that we needed to do to keep healthy has been limited beyond our control. There is, however, another way to keep yourself healthy and that is colouring. We have included it FREE in our membership for the time being.

Your mindset is more than half of the health you have and we so often forget this. Colouring is a way to meditate and allow your mind to heal. It's also a great way to relax your body while being creative.

We call our little healthy bonus, the Colouring Room. Click to check it out!

There is still time to join in and take back some control of your creative future and it is especially important to follow your dreams right now.

Over the coming weeks, we will be adding some little challenges for all levels of creativity to come together and share on our new Facebook page. We know it can be hard to be creative in times like these but they will be there for you if you want to use them - even for just yourself to see!

And finally, we hope you have had a fantastic start to the year so far but if not, here is a little freebie for you! (no sign up required) 👍😘

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